9:00 AM-3:30 PM



Bridgebuilders Seminar is a new training workshop being made available from the Commission on Evangelism. It is subtitled “Helping Traditional Churches Reach Their Unchurched Neighbors.”  Studies show us that the number one resource for evangelizing unchurched people in America is planting new churches. But does that mean that traditional churches should just not bother.  In many churches there are people with a deep heart for the lost, who believe that a matured church can effectively reach new people–even those with no Christian roots.


It is sometimes, however, an uphill battle.  Many Christians in traditional churches live in what Dan Kimball has called “the Christian bubble” with little significant contact or relationships with non-Christians and the unchurched. And as the culture has increasingly marginalized established churches, traditional churches can easily find themselves as an “alien” culture inside the larger one. In that setting, their “evangelistic” efforts often revolve around rearranging persons who were once churched or who have abandoned their Christian roots for a time.


Bridgebuilders seeks to help traditional churches end that isolation and return to the front lines–and to help multiply the Kingdom by reaching the growing population in America for whom God is out of sight and out of mind. Workshop designer, Dr. Steve Dunn will lead this workshop along with others. This is a workshop for both lay persons and pastors.


The Seminar does this by equipping persons with understanding, questions and tools for once again becoming missionaries on the mission field that begins at their church’s front door.


Sessions include:

The Mission Field Outside Your Front Door

What Every Missionary Needs to Know

Christ’s Respectful Ambassadors

Learning to Listen to the Holy Spirit and to the Culture

Tools for Building Bridges

Getting Started as a Church (and as Individuals)


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