Description of the Mission Strategy

The Commission on Evangelism exists to strengthen the ministry of evangelism in the local church, particularly the churches of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God.  We believe that the most effective evangelism is done in the context of a local congregation working on the mission field it has been given by  God, mobilizing the persons placed by God within that community.


We are particularly committed to helping churches reach their un-churched neighbors with the gospel in creative and relevant ways, particularly those of emerging generations who have little or no Christian roots.


Components of Our Strategy

The Commission divides its work into six distinct units of ministry, plus an administrative component which handles special requests.


Youth and Children

More than 80% of the persons whom become Christians do so before the age of 16.  We focus on training evangelistically effective youth and children’s workers, plus introducing the church  the resources, methods, and issues needed to reach these young persons for Christ.


Local Church Coaches and the School of Evangelism

The Commission provides a network of trained persons who can help a church identify its evangelistic potential, its particular strategy to reach the lost, and network the church to be best in current resources and programs.


The Commission also maintains a School of Evangelism to train those coaches and any other persons desiring to grow in their understanding and involvement in evanegelism.


Resource Development and Programming

The Commission helps create or adapt special resources and programs aimed at helping traditional churches begin to reach their community.

We also develop materials that tell the story of the ministry of evangelism.



Web Site and Resources

The Commission maintains this web site and a blog Evangelism Today

to provide resources and ideas to raise the evangelistic temperature in local churches and keep us abreast of what happening in outreach and evangelism around the ERC.  The Commission also maintains a lending library of print and media resources for use by local evangelism teams and Ad Councils to strengthen their ministries.


Local Church Training

The Commission provides trainers and coaches in a variety established programs to assist local churches train in their settings. These include: Becoming a Contagious Christian, Just Walk Across the Room, Gone Fishing, Bridgebuilders, and Everyday Evangelism.



Global Media Outreach

The Commission organizes “communities” of on-line missionaries working with Global Media Outreach (an arm of Campus Crusade) to share the gospel and disciple new believers around the world.  The Commission itself sponsors a conference-wide community. Suzan Dietrich is currently the leader of that community.



Local Church Grants

The Commission will provide grants to local churches seeking to strengthen their evangelistic witness through special programs, events. resource development.